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Finally there is relief for itchy, achy bleeding piles (haemorrhoids / aambeie) and it is as easy as swallowing a capsule away.

Our product helps to relief inflammation, bleeding, swelling and all discomfort, experienced when suffering with piles.
The product contains 100% natural ingredients and is capsulated in veggie caps.

You can be one of your next happy customers that experience amazing results within 3 days or even less.

No prescription is needed, so you can buy it off the shelve from a stockist near you, or order online.

Medical information:

Pile Eeze is registered with the Medical Control Council (MCC) as a Schedule: C0 medication and has a Pharmacological Classification as: A. 32. 16 Other. Complementary Medicine submitted according to the Complementary Listing System. African Traditional Medicine 

Pile Eeze is also registered with a NAPPI Code, meaning you can claim it from most medical aids
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